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File extension .pdf .jpg/.jpeg
Internet media type application/pdf image/jpeg
File format name Portable Document Format Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
Associated programs Adobe Viewer, Ghostscript, Ghostview, Xpdf, gPDF, Acrobat Reader Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Apple Preview, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer
Developed by ISO Joint Photographic Experts Group
Initial Release 15 June 1993 18 September 1992
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How to convert a PDF document to a JPG online

  1. Open PDFtoJPG in your web browser.
  2. Within the app, click Choose File and upload a PDF, or simply drag-and-drop it into the box.
  3. Import a PDF stored online by clicking one of the cloud storage service icons below.
  4. Select pages within the document to be converted or click All to convert the whole document.
  5. Click Convert Now! Wait while your file is being converted to a JPG.
  6. Choose what you want to do with the resulting file(s).
  7. Click Work on your PDF if you want to sign your document, share it or edit it online.
  8. Click Download Now to save the converted JPG to your device.

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Converting your PDF files to jpg format is now so simple! I’ve tried different converters, but they were either slow or expensive. This one is perfect!



Several times I’ve come across problems when converting a PDF document to a jpg image (couldn’t save the file). AltoPDF solved the issue. Great tool, I highly recommend it!



Used it only once, yet I hit the nail on the head! Such an intuitive interface, clear, fast and, and free! Just drag a PDF and get its jpg version almost instantly.

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How To Convert PDF to JPG

Transform the PDF document into the full-featured JPG file with high quality with this online solution. Spend half of a minute and save file for further photo editing.

How To Convert a PDF file into a JPG image online

One of the best and fastest ways to convert a file on an internet-connected device is to use a web-based online solution. This is the best way to guarantee full device compatibility. Also, this means that anyone can have access to the solution 24 hours a day. AltoConvertPDFtoJPG is simple and user-friendly. It processes files very fast. It also displays well on all devices and supports file uploading and saving not only from inner storage but from the cloud as well. Here is how you can change the format of a file from PDF to JPG:

  1. Drag and drop the file, or browse for it in your inner or cloud storage.
  2. Wait until the file uploads and click on the Convert Now icon.
  3. The conversion process will take less than a minute. 
  4. Save the image to your preferred storage type.
  5. Repeat the operation if necessary.

This solution is developed to make your operations safe and secure. It works with the latest encryption and decryption methods. Additionally, all the original and converted documents are removed from the service once the page is reloaded. That is why you should always save the previous version of the final image before starting a new operation. There is no need to worry about your personal information or annoying spam since all files are operated anonymously. Any user can change the format of as many files as necessary.

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How To Convert PDF to JPG inside Google Chrome

From the very beginning, Google Chrome was first introduced, it was meant as a new concept of a web browser. Being equipped with basic PDF view, task manager, developer tools and, of course, a powerful search engine, it gained popularity all over the world. But one of the best features of Chrome is the wide variety of personalization tools and extensions. One can ease the working processes by installing not only AdBlock or antivirus programs for safe browsing, but also specific professional extensions. Converters are also available for installation. For example, Alto PDF to JPG converter also supports conversion. 

Here is how you can transform PDF into JPEG with Google Chrome:

  1. Install the application to Google Chrome using the web store. It will be available at the top right-hand corner.
  2. Open Alto Converter. Click at the solution’s logo and the pop-up will open.
  3. Click at the choose file option to import a document from internal storage. 
  4. Submit the Convert button for creating JPG from PDF.  
  5. Save the image to the device’s storage.

If you choose more than one page for conversion, the system will automatically create a ZIP archive with images. Afterward, you will get a perfect quality image. The extension is free and it helps you easily and safely convert file right from the browser. As a result, you do not need to install any paid attachments since this solution is equipped with a powerful PDF conversion toolkit. 

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How To Convert PDF to JPG in Windows

There are a number of ways of how to make a conversion with a desktop computer or laptop on Windows. Unfortunately, there are no default apps for making this operation on Windows. That means you will need to either search for an online converter available from your browser or install the software. Both those solutions can be either multi-functional and have a conversion feature or focus on conversion only. To install the solution on your device, you should visit the Microsoft Store and select the free or paid service that you prefer. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do the file conversion:

  1. Open the converter and add the needed document to it.
  2. Click the conversion button.
  3. Wait until the operation ends.
  4. Save the final document file to your device’s inner storage.

You can select a solution that doesn't require you to provide an email address or password. 

The Microsoft Store is full of various free and paid solutions. All the options are affordable for any user. Also, you can choose software that not only has a reasonable price but contains all the exact features you need. As a result, you will have a trustworthy converter that works even without an internet connection. This means you do not need to overpay for an expensive subscription. 

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How To Convert PDF to JPG with Preview on Mac

The Mac OS Preview default application (in most cases) is used for viewing the most widespread file formats. And surprisingly, many users are not aware of all of the features that are available on Pages. In addition to PDF and JPG, it also supports TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP. With that said, these formats are not easily opened with Preview. This makes their content difficult to view. An application can easily import and convert those formats. In fact, this software has a basic set of applications for comfortable editing and viewing of all formats mentioned above. PDF to JPG conversion on Mac with a Preview goes like this:

  1. Open the PDF that you need to convert in Preview.
  2. Click on the File and choose the Export option.
  3. Specify JPEG format and add resolution and quality details if necessary.
  4. Name the new file and add its storage destination. Then save the changes.

This is a versatile solution for opening and viewing different sorts of content. Preview is also a fast and free file converter. Additionally, you can easily view all metadata of an image after converting it. You just need to go to tools and hit the Cmd+I keyboard shortcut. In the pop-up window, you will see all the detailed information about your file. This default app supports the certification of documents. By using this feature, one can create a handwritten-like signature.

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How To Convert PDF to JPG In Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is used worldwide for opening, editing and processing PDF documents. 

It’s used both for personal and professional purposes in a wide variety of areas. In fact, Adobe was the company that founded PDF documents and started using them. That’s why this software is so popular. It helps you easily create, manage, edit and convert PDF files from different sources. It’s cross-platform and you can install it on both your computer and smartphone. To convert a PDF file into an image, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the document in Acrobat. 
  2. Click on the Export PDF option on the right.
  3. Add export format: select images and JPEG.
  4. Click the Export button.
  5. Specify the folder for document storage and save it. 

All document processing will be available in this solution once you sign in or register as a new user. To get to better know Acrobat, you can first install the trial version which includes most desktop features, but a limited amount of cloud services. After the trial period ends and no subscription is paid, the solution will still work in the limited mode. In particular, you will be able to view, comment, edit and sign documents. All the other options will be unavailable. 

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How to Convert PDF to JPG Online

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways of converting formats is PDF to JPG, and now you can do it online. JPG is more popular than other image file types because it allows you to reduce the file’s size and optimize it for websites. 

Follow this uncomplicated guideline to convert PDF to JPG online

  1. Go to  
  2. You can also use the Alto catalog where you can find links to other web-converters. 
  3. Click Choose File or drag & drop pictures to the highlighted area.
  4. Select pages to convert by clicking on them or by typing them. 
  5. Hit the Convert Now! button. 
  6. Click Download Now and save your new document. 

All the pages in your PDF will be transformed into separate files. If you only have one page, you’ll be able to download it in JPEG format, but if there are two or more sheets, you’ll get a ZIP folder. Our platform creates high-quality transformations, doing our best to maximize the color scale and match it as closely as possible to the original color in the document. 

If you are someone who doesn’t change the format very often then is perfect for you. You don't need any additional software or registration to get started, which makes everything straightforward and uncomplicated. 

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How to Convert PDF to JPG on iPhone

If you don't want to look for online converters each time you need one, you can change the portable document format with the Alto application. Go to the AppStore and install PDF to Image Converter (JPG) by airSlate, Inc. When the installation is finished, complete a few steps to start:

  1. Upload a file from your iOS device or cloud storage. 
  2. Tap the pages you want to transform (they all are selected by default). 
  3. Click Convert on the right side of the top toolbar. 
  4. Download your images. 

With the Alto app for iPhone and iPad, you can change the format and download new files in just four taps! The app doesn't need any registration or signing in. The app is free, has a good quality and converts files fast. It also connects to the Alto web-converter platform, where you can transform many more documents in many different ways. If you can't access the AppStore or install the application right now, go to or and start to convert PDF to JPG on iPhone!  

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How to Convert PDF to JPG on Android

Changing your documents’ formats doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Convert PDF to JPG on Android easily using a variety of programs on the PlayMarket. But we recommend downloading the Alto PDF to JPG converter and following this guide to make the process simpler:

  1. Open the document in our program. 
  2. Select what pages you want to transform. 
  3. Tap Convert
  4. Download the converted files.

This tiny app allows you to change the format of your document in just a few clicks. The intuitively understandable and user-friendly interface helps finish the conversion process without the need to read any long ‘how-to’ articles. Try it once and you’ll be satisfied. Installing the application will be useful for people who often need to change the format, but if you need to do it just once or don’t have an opportunity to download the app, you can use your default mobile browser. Go to and change the format online without having to download any apps or install any software.

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AltoPDFtoJPG Converter is the best free online Converter. To operate it needs no additional software but an internet connection. To process the file upload it, press the orange button and afterward choose one of the following actions: download, save, edit, share or sign and secure.